Strada dei Vini Cortona: wine, gastronomy, culture, tourism in Cortona

Strada dei Vini Cortona

Italy holds one-fifth of the world's artistic heritage, a concentration of wealth that no other country can boast.
Of these riches, Tuscany, holds a large extent.
Each Tuscan town, little country or village has its own treasure to preserve and display. 
Strada dei Vini Cortona is an organization born to protect the renown of Cortona and its surroundings. 
Cortona, for its location, worships ordered vineyards and olive trees; agriculture is one of its virtues that lives in symbiosis with the local tourism.
The member companies of Strada dei Vini Cortona contribute to the enhancement of the natural vocation of the place for the culture of wine and the spread of the pleasures of the soil's products.
Strada dei Vini Cortona has identified great tours for people in search of landscapes and superb wines, masterpieces of Renaissance art, or simply to taste specialties with the traditional flavour of Cortona wine and food.