Wine producers in Cortona: Avignonesi



In 1974 the Avignonesi winery was launched in Montepulciano. Local varieties of grapes such as Sangiovese were planted together with classic “imported” varieties, extending the properties in the Montepulciano and Cortona areas. Since 2008 the winery has seen a change of ownership going from the Falvo family to Virginie Saverys, director of Belgian shipping companies.
Nowadays, Avignonesi consists of four wine-producing estates: Le Capezzine, I Poggetti, La Selva and La Lombarda. In total they comprise 225 hectares of open ground, 110 ha of vineyards and 3 ha of olive groves. The heart of the company is the estate Le Capezzine, near Valiano di Montepulciano, which has been impeccably restored.
It contains spacious cellars for vinification, for ageing and storing, the vinsantaia, warehouses and offices.

How to reach Le Capezzine from the highway A1 (Roma – Firenze):

Get out at the exit VALDICHIANA. Turn right and follow the signs for Perugia. Exit at the Km nr. 12 marked CORTONA (Keep attention: do not exit at Foiano-Cortona but at the next one just marked CORTONA). Continue in direction of Montepulciano and pass the small village of Centoia, after about 1,5 Km you will see on the road the sign AVIGNONESI FATTORIA LE CAPEZZINE and on the left a tree-way with cypresses: just follow the cypresses until the entrance of the estate.


Vini bianchi

  • Cortona Sauvignon Blanc DOC "
  • Il Marzocco", Cortona Chardonnay DOC


Vini rossi

  • "Rosso", IGT Toscana 
  • Rosso di Montepulciano DOC 
  • Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG
  • Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG Riserva "Grandi Annate" 
  • "Desiderio", Cortona Merlot DOC 
  • "50&50", IGT Toscana


Vini dolci

  • Vin Santo di Montepulciano DOC 
  • Vin Santo di Montepulciano DOC "Occhio di Pernice"



  • Grappa da uve di Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 
  • Grappa da uve di Vin Santo


Olio extravergine di oliva


Tours at the Winery

explain the different steps of wine making at Avignonesi, from terroir to bottle. Our professional staff will be pleased to guide our guests through this unique experience that lasts about 2 hours, wine tasting included.
We are happy to welcome our guests and let them enjoy Tuscan food freshly cooked using seasonal produce. Our guests are usually guided through a tour of the winery before enjoying their meal in a soothing and peaceful atmosphere.
In the wine shop a large selection of wines are available for sale and shipping worldwide.

Please book our winery tour in advance. The time schedule is as follow:

From Monday to Friday:
10.00am Tour+ Wine Tasting
12.00pm Tour paired with luncheon reservations only
3.00pm Tour+ Wine Tasting

11.00am Tour+ Wine Tasting (no lunch available)
3.30pm Tour+ Wine Tasting (no lunch available)

11.00am Tour+ Wine Tasting (no lunch available)
3.30pm Tour+ Wine Tasting (no lunch available)



Via Colonica 1
Valiano di Montepulciano (SI)
Tel. +39 0578 724304

Gps: 43.17306,11.93306